Electronic Press Kit


And The Echo’s dark, ambient style has been likened to Depeche Mode but with a smooth and emotive female vocal. The more light-hearted songs like Okinawa and Smoke and Mirrors are influenced by synth-heavy 80s bands like Duran Duran.  Based out of Oxford, Mississippi, And The Echo is a project born of a mutual love of ambient, electronic pop between Winn McElroy and Morgan Pennington.


Please email the band at info@andtheecho.com.




And The Echo II

  1. The Blind Ones 3:55
  2. Breathe 3:30
  3. I Am 3:04
  4. Seratonin 1:58
  5. Ghosts Pt. 2 3:52
  6. Alien 2:52

And The Echo I

  1. Okinawa 3:00
  2. Sw33t Sixt33n 3:59
  3. Smoke And Mirrors 3:46
  4. Apollo 3:39
  5. The Parade 3:01
  6. Pulse 3:57
  7. Ultraviolet 3:39
  8. Year Three 4:47


“The self-titled release is a project long in the works of Oxford-based singer Morgan Pennington and producer / multi-instrumentalist Winn McElroy that hits by delivers a shimmering and dramatic blend of pop unlike anything else in the state.”  ~ Jacob Threadgill, The Clarion Ledger

“And the Echo’s ethereal synth-pop sound radiates throughout this album, creating songs both dreamy and electric…  Lyrics laced with heartbreak come together with catchy, synthesized beats to create the songs that have been drawing in crowds since And the Echo began performing locally in 2014…  This has been a big year for the local band and it appears to be getting bigger by the second.” ~ Shelby Pack, The Daily Mississippian

“Their sound owes much to synth pop from the 80’s, without sounding anachronistic.  Behind the synthetic exterior is the familiar satisfying heart and soul of catchy, quality pop song writing.” ~ Toni Overby, Invitation Oxford